My name is Marissa and I am a feisty 5’1″ woman with two wonderful boys and a life she is universally grateful for.
By day I work a 9-5 job for a non-for-profit organisation helping people with disabilities find employment
By night I am a hot mess single mum trying to squeeze extra hours out of my day before I have to start all over again tomorrow
And somewhere in all that mess I am a student, a friend, an aunty, a daughter and whole bunch of other things
…Pretty standard stuff, right?!

So why are you here reading this?…..

You see … next year I turn 30! THIRTY! And while others are planning lavish parties and various other things, I’m spending the last year of my 20’s doing some intensive physical training and working my well sculpted backside off to raise funds for charities I am passionate about while taking part in 5 extreme physical challenges around the world to promote the amazing work each of these charities does.

Over the next 18 months I will be using my various physical practises to prepare my body to …
> Cycle through Cambodia & Vietnam
> Walk Camino De Santiago in Spain
> Trek the Inca Trail in Peru
> Trek the Everest Base Camp in Nepal
> Trek the Great Wall of China
…..  And I’ll be going it all IN A DRESS (which is HUGE for me because I don’t like wearing a dress at the best of times)


To put it simply, I am tired of hearing people tell me I can’t do things … because I’m too sick …. or because I’m just a girl! So now this “Sick Girl” is going to show the world just exactly what she can do!

These challenges are not only about pushing my self to new limits … they are also the perfect opportunity for me to use my campaign slogan “Do It Like A Girl” to raise awareness for 3 charities I believe strongly in

Endometriosis Australia

“Endeavouring to increase recognition of endometriosis, provide endometriosis education programs, and help fund endometriosis research”

Women’s Cancer Australia  (Australian New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group)

“Ultimate goal is to reduce the mortality from this malignancy by engaging in international clinical trials, by finding ways to reverse resistance to cancer drugs and to work out how best to use a women’s own immune system to combat the disease”

I choose these two not only because of the strong and heart breaking impact its had on my life and the lives of loved ones, but because I truly believe in the work both organisations are doing and want to use my challenge to raise awareness and funds for something that is often taken lightly and/or brushed aside until its too late

“One Girl”

“Educating girls in Africa –( as part of the charity One Girl’s Do It In A Dress campaign) A girl in Sierra Leone is more likely to be forced into marriage as a child than she is to finish high school, and statistics like this have no place in 2017″

An Australian based organisation helping to put girls in third world countries through education as well as providing microloans for women in business. Their main fundraising initiative is called “Do It In A Dress

…… but what can you do to make a difference?

You can start off by making a donation to the cause. All funds raised will be spilt evenly across these three amazing charities. Any donation, no matter how big or small, will help


Follow my journey via this website or on social media as I prepare my mind and body for this journey. This blog will contain information and images from fundraising events as well as stories from my training Journey and 30 interviews with 30 influential women to help inspire me as I make my way into my 30’s

Spread the word by sharing this page, my go fund my account and ultimately my journey and the messages from the charities I aim to support

JOIN ME! Ok, so maybe you can’t fly to Nepal to take a selfie on Everest with me. But perhaps you can host your own “In A Dress” fundraiser in aid of my epic adventure and those charities we support

Show your support by making contact via my website or through social media

Join me as a rock my last year of my 20s and make an impact on the world



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